camille11788 (camille11788) wrote in jhu_09,

Name: Camille Petty
AIM Screename: Camille 1 17 88
Birthday: January 17
Hometown: Harvard, MA

Possible Major: piano and violin performance!!!
Current Clubs/Sports: none really...
Clubs/Sports You’d Like To Try At Hopkins: Like I have time to go to Hopkins? I wish!
Residence You Plan To Live In: Peabody

Favorite TV Shows: Family Guy, South Park
Favorite Movies: Just look in my facebook, there are soooo many!
Favorite Books: see above comment
Favorite Musicians/Bands: Murder by Death, Smashing Pumpkins, Beatles, Weezer, Green Day...
What Do You Like To Do For Fun?: Dancing of any kind!!!! I really love dancing!!!!, Acting, reading, hanging out with my friends...

What You Did With Your $10: Probably bought a book...or Korean ramen!!!
Any Final Thoughts: Why can't I go back to beeeeeddddddddddddddd!!!
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