The E-Hermit (gunlord) wrote in jhu_09,
The E-Hermit

A couple of questions...

I just have two small queries regarding dorm life at JHU...

1: Do any of the dorm rooms have cable? I'm thinking of bringing over a small TV to keep in my room, but unless it has access to cable, it's something of a pointless exercise...

2: Is JHU a big party school? I just got a mailing saying that I had to take an alcohol education course online as a requirement before coming to JHU, so I was wondering, are big parties/orgies/whatever common at Johns Hopkins? Are there a lot of fraternity hazings or anything like that? Please forgive both my ignorance and my intrusiveness, it's just a question that occured to me when I saw that mailing...
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1) I read on the JHU message boards (the questions are answered by current JHU students) that while the rooms are pre-wired for cable, you have to pay. Might be cool for DVDs though??

2) I haven't received that mailing, but I am guessing that JHU is not a big party school
Ahh, I see. Thanks muchly...I guess I can give the message boards a try and see what people say ^^
i received the mailing, but it said that the classes were optional.
1. As tifferypoo said, you'll have to pay $40 a month for cable, I believe. If you bring a TV and an antenna, then you can get Baltimore broadcast without paying. There are TVs with cable in the common rooms (in the AMRs, there's one common room for the entire dorm; in Wolman, there's a common room for each floor) and if there are specific shows that you want to watch you can just download DC++ when you get there and download the shows from there.

2. JHU is what you make it. If you want to party, there are frats and private parties if you look. If you don't, then you probably won't really hear about the parties. Everybody gets that mailing about AlcoholEdu, but I didn't complete it before I came and I didn't get penalized, so don't really worry about it.
Note: About DC++, it is a file sharing program, so there is a risk in using it. However, if you're not downloading a lot of files from public hubs, then you should be fine. If you get caught, then your internet in your room is cut off. I didn't download a lot and I tried to only download from the Hopkins hub and I was fine, but I had a friend who got addicted to downloading and ended up having his internet cut off for the last couple of weeks of school.
Ah, thank you so much for the file sharing info--I am so very relieved to know I can still use DC++!
Yeah, I get the impression that partying at JHU is completely up to the student... I used to think that all those jokes about the Hopkins 500 (the only 500 kids in all of Hopkins who go out) were exaggerating, but then I found the Hopkins 500 facebook group... which only has 350ish members...