Alex (shuhzay99) wrote in jhu_09,

Housing stuff?

Has anyone received housing info in the mail yet? The mailing schedule they sent us says it was to be mailed around July 15, and I realize they could be later than that date, but I'm really very impatient! So I didn't miss it, did I?
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I haven't received it yet, either...
Hopkins is notoriously late about...well, everything. Don't worry, you'll get it...eventually.
Read somewhere that they just sent it this Wednesday.
But in the meantime you can check either your bill or your profile info at the site where you registered for classes for hints on your housing.
Yeah, I saw the thing on the bill but I only noticed the building, not the room number or anything, which is apparently posted somewhere. I am clearly not very observant.
yea, the registration place gives your housing for next year as your mailing address

Did not notice this.

*feels stupid*
a friend of mine called in...they told her they sent it wednesday.
i got my housing assignment today, so they should come soon.